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phone call tracking conversion ratesCallsurance by CallCap identifies customers who called and didn’t buy your products or services, giving you a critical opportunity to call them back in time to make the sale! Of the 37 businesses surveyed, the average business believed that they convert 80% of callers into customers, but when measured, the average business only converted 47.3% of callers into customers. This equates to 52.7% of lost business! On average, the annual loss revenue rate per business measured was over $1.2 MILLION!!!!! The fact is that you are probably losing half of your potential customers to your competitors. You have the potential to stop those customers from making the mistake of doing business with someone else! Stop losing callers and start WINNING with Callsurance.

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The only way to convert every caller to a customer is to:
  1. Be notified, in a timely fashion, which callers did NOT become customers.
  2. Find out why they did not become a customer and figure out how to overcome their objections.
  3. Call them back and convert them into a customer by removing
    the objections.

You could do this yourself, BUT, you lack the systems to record and listen to every call and staff to listen to the calls in near-time, 24/hrs a day, 7 days a week. Remember, a SINGLE caller NOT converted into a customer could potentially be worth HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS of dollars and will ultimately end up doing business with your COMPETITOR. You lose, they win! Implement Callsurance to AUTOMATICALLY identify customers who called and didn’t buy your products or services.

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